Friday, November 27, 2020 @ 9:00 am - Monday, November 30, 2020 @ 1:00 pm
Main Event
Professional Development Institute

The 2018 Professional Development Institute is the “must-attend” conference for learning about current trends in lawyer professional development, exploring key issues facing the legal industry, hearing about proven programs to give your lawyers and law students the competitive edge they need, and gaining access to more than 300 law firm and law school PD contacts. If you are responsible for professional development in a law firm, law school, corporation, or government agency, the Professional Development Institute will equip you and your organization to stay ahead in today’s challenging environment.

"Networking with my peers in the industry is a vital part of this conference. Knowledge about PD trends happening around the country makes my involuable at work." -- past attendee How can PDI benefit law firm PD professionals? Today’s law firm PD professionals have more varied responsibilities than ever before. The demands for increased professional development and training, combined with industry trends and business realities, have added to the challenges faced by PD professionals. Whether it’s engaging your associates, implementing project management training, or developing your law firm leaders, the Professional Development Institute will help you stay on top of the latest PD trends and techniques and give you access to a network of law firm PD professionals who are facing the same challenges.

"The conference app provided great handouts and takeaways that I could use when I returned to my desk on Monday morning." -- past attendee How can PDI benefit law school career professionals? Law school career professionals must constantly look for ways to help make law students more employable in today’s competitive job market. The Professional Development Institute is an opportunity for you to hear directly from law firm professionals about the skills they are looking for in first-year associates and to learn about proven programs at other law schools. Law school attendees will also find significant value in sharing best practices, new ideas, and hot topics with other law student PD professionals.

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